RiversideStarParty 2003
That's right "the" Riverside Telescope Makers Conference

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Beth and I drove the 3 hours up to San Bernadino, Ca.

It was a rainy, foggy, cool day for southern Ca.

Once we got to the mountains at 8000 ft it was clear.

Unusual weather for end of may in southern Ca.


Joe wanted to go there to start promoting his "AstroCalculator" and "Binocular Mount" products.


We had fun and Joe got a few great shots of telescopes as shown. We also made some great contacts and made a couple new friends. One lives in Ramona on Hwy 67 and he's got the dome that I see every morning and evening on my commute to work and back and wondered about. Too cool..

A back yard scope



That's right! You sit on top of a ladder to view...

 Yard Scope




Wood Telescope

This one was cheap. Beer cans and eyeglasses lenes for the optics. Whew. Nice work.

Wood Scope up close



Same guy had this wood Binocular Mount

Woods not strong enough. But looks nice.


The metal one next door was a bit much on the head end of the mechanism. Wow what a lot of metal!


He sure worked to get the three axis of motion for the binoculars. I got it with much less.

Metal Binocular Mount - competition

Well maybe not, look at the huge mount frame!

Must bend the frame!



A Big Binocular setup - Woooo!

Solar Telescopes




"Sunspotter" scope

SunSpotter Up Close



More scopes for the judging


Judges of Maker's Telescopes

Here a huge back yard scope. Wow!