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I recently got a Canon 10D and am just getting into Astrophotography after finishing AstroCalculator and OptiCalculator. It was the natural extension to finally get a good camera and put my skills to the test. It has taken me years to finally acquire the basic level of equipment to be able to perform reasonable Astrophotography. I moved to San Diego to gain the clear skies and be able to see all the things in the sky I missed living in Northern Wisconsin. Now I can finally capture and share with you all the view I have here in San Diego County Hills from my back yard.


Thanks for taking a look and hope to see you again maybe on the hiking trail, star gazing or back here at my site. To see more of my personal website see StarsGalore.


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I'm always looking for interesting things to do, build and technical things to chat about.


"Latest Project done"

Ecliptic Finder. Original design in Sky and Telescope 1992. I made mine with a better circular calendar with equinox quarter lines , month and 10 day divisions. Top and bottom have matching graphs, i.e. the bottom one is mirrored. I also added the gnome for the day of the year reading. Not shown are the small magnetic compass and spot level I have to add to the adornments for the magnetic north reference and level for better alignment. Note the divisions on graph.



Ecliptic Finder in use. First align axis to Celestial North (Polaris) and then turn axis until minimal shadow and then look to gnome and date on wheel top or bottom. Note that the sun then tracks the disk and will cast a minimal shadow any time of day, as contrasted to the sundial where the angle of the shadow in relation to the gnome tells the user the time of day.



"New" - Subluminal Clouds

12-07-2005 Ramona, CA


Minotaur Rocket Launch

Minotaur Rocket Launch Sept 22nd at 7:36pm using a Canon 10D at 800ASA, 55mm with a 24-85mm zoom and 6 sec exposure. These also catch the iridescent effect very well from the backlighting of the setting sun.

Space Weather and Universe Today both featured this one from me. What a sight....




Iridescent Moon 02/21/2005

My first showing on SpaceWeather on front page of 2/21 to 2/24 2005. I took this on in a break  in the winter rains of Feb. 2005. We are breaking rainfall records for Southern California this year. The clouds broke for about an hour or two and it is day before full moon. As the cloud edges blew across the face of the near full moon, it created this full moon bow that shimmered as the clouds passed by. I had to over expose the moon to get the colors to show thru.



A desert Thunderstorm evening of 08/17/2004

most of overall thunderhead group


south end closeup for the highlight.


Moon 07/30/2004

Canon 10D ASA 200 1/4sec


Rising Moon with Earthshine and Venus 9/14/2004


Rising Cresent Moon, Jupiter and Venus


Setting Cresent Moon

09/15/2004   1 day old (NewMoon 09/14/2004)

85mm ASA800 1/60th sec


Closeup of the  1 day old cresent


Setting Cresent Moon with Earthshine



Moon in daylight at dusk


First comet trial still got trails and focus issues...

At was Comet Machholz in mid Janurary 2005.


Another Cresent Moon attempt much sharper this time.


Setting December Moon with Earthshine


Sunset Moon rising with Earthshine over Mt Gower red from the sunset.


First fair Orion shot.


Second attempt. Still have tracking issues. Nice color and brightness though.


Pocket sundials I just made for my brothers.

I added a compass and level bubble for fun along with 

a graph of the Equation of Time offset over the year.

The wood was a very interesting pattern.



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