Binocular Mount Design Plans

Don't want to pay $200-300? Use these tried and true and very detailed plans to build your own for as little as $60 w/o a tripod and another $60 if you get a tripod. Works great at all angles of viewing. Now you can stand, sit or lay down to view.

The design in the photo above used all hardware store materials 3/4 inch stock and used all simple typical home tools. The only exception is a drill press for one operation and that can be gained thru friends, schools or machine shops locally available.


I have a fair home shop, but this design criteria was to "Keep it simple stupid. - KISS". Just about anyone can build this frame. There are lots of good drawings for each of the parts and lots of photos (close-ups and full suite of assembly level shots).


I currently use this frame for up to 5.5 lbs 20x80mm binoculars. I designed it with those in mind. If desired the frame can be scaled for 1 inch or larger material to accommodate even larger scopes.


The design allows the base to rotate azimuthally and in elevation-height. This last feature accommodates the use for postures of standing, sitting or reclining. Further it has three axis of rotation at the working head of the mount. It allows Yaw, Pitch and Angle of Attack. So being fully gimbled allows many viewing angles for easy use.


Materials new for the frame run about $60 at time I purchased in 2003. A fair tripod can be gotten at Wall mart, Cost Co, Photo shops for $30 to $60, more if you get heavier duty for larger scopes. Maybe you perfer a wheeled base, a telescope type solid mount under cover. Or something just different - do have fun whatever.


Binocular Mount for the Amateur Astronomer


Design plans to build for $80 w/o tripod, $140 with tripod.

Uses hardware store materials and hand tools.


Price: $15.95 and $1.00 S&H