Bug Reporting


We strive to make a quality product at good prices. We have made every effort to test we could. Being a low cost amateur calculator the ephemeris is not as accurate as professional tools. We have only had a total of 2 errors reported to us to date and I have found two myself all which have been quickly fixed and users updated.


In the interest of solving any problems that are noticed we ask the following:


1) Please capture screen shots of the TimeDate front page with the timer on and actively updating and also the page with the problem on it showing the calculations. That way I see how the data was entered and the results. To capture the screens, go to the screen of interest and press "ALT-Print Screen" buttons to capture the screen to the clipboard and then paste into any drawing application (like Windows Paint) and save as Bitmap *.bmp or preferably a JPG or *.jpg file.  JPG files have a smaller file size, but depending on the compression amount, the text may be unreadable. So keep the compression low and file size about mid size for best results.


2) Send the "*.Ini" file with your local modifications to it for your local settings. Please make sure you have tried the calculations with this file properly modified for your local or the positional information for your calculations. The Longitude, Latitude, Daylight Saving time and the Local Time Offset from Greenwich is very important to many of the calculations and they will not figure correctly for your local of interest unless these are correct.


3) Send any information showing the correct, or believed to be correct information on it and the source of the information to verify it's accuracy.


4) Make sure you are registered with us for your software purchase. Either buy thru us, or get us proof of purchase copy or scan. We want to make sure we have your contact (email) info, so we can send updates.


5) If you have "WINZIP", zip the files up to make faster to send with compressed files.


If error is confirmed and when solved, we will update you by email for free and by post and CD copy for cost & S/H.


We appreciate your interest in helping us to make a better product and taking the time to detail the problem to help us solve it. We will continue to work to make our products better.


Email the files and info to us at SunshineDesign@cox.net