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Recommended Books

"Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus - Willmann Bell Publisher  (very good)

"Astronomy on the Personal Computer" by O. Montenbruck & T. Pfleger - Verlag (very good)

"Astronomical Formulae for Calculators" 4thed - Jean Meeus - Willmann-Bell

"Fundamental Ephemeris Computations" by Paul J. Heafner - Willmann-Bell  (very good)

"Math for Amateur Astronomers" by James H. Fox - Astronomical League  (very good)

"Astronomy with your Personal Computer" by Peter Duffett-Smith - Cambridge University Press

"Spherical Astronomy" by Robin M. Green - Cambridge University Press

"Introduction to Basic Astronomy with a PC" by J.L. Lawrence - Willmann-Bell


"SunDials Their Theory and Construction" Alberrt Waugh - Dover

"SunDials Their Their Construction and Use" R.Newton Mayall & Margaret W. Mayall - Dover

"SunDials History, Theory and Practice" by Rene' R. J. Rohr - Dover (very good)

"Easy to Make Wooden Sundials" by Milton Stoneman - Dover


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British Sundial Society 


All great books on the subject matter.

Willmann-Bell and Dover are both great publishers for the Amateur Astronomer and Scientist.