AstroCalculator© is a windows based calculator program for general Time and Astronomical Calculations, Conversions and Corrections and much more. New version 1.42 with lots of new features.

Featured in "Astronomy" October 2004 and "Sky and Telescope" March 2004.


OptiCalculator© is a windows based Optics and Imaging Calculator. This just released tool is a full featured function set for Astrophotography, whether using CCD's or Film. It also covers basic Optics for Telescopes and more.

Featured in "Sky and Telescope" February 2005.


Sundial Calculator© is based on AstroCalculator but is focused on just the  Sundial calculation, Time and Solar System calculations at a lower cost for the dialist community. Include the general planar sundial calculator that will work for any surface, at any angle and orientation on Earth.


Electronic Calculator© is a windows based calculator program for general Electronic Calculations. This thing is loaded with features and means of performing the general electronic calculations.


Binocular Mount Design Plans is a design plan booklet to help you build your own for $60 to $120 instead of the purchase prices ranging from $200-$300. Easy to build and use. Fully articulated and balanced arm for all position viewing. Uses easily available hardware store materials and hand tools.


Potter Wheel Design Plans is a design plan booklet to help you build your own wooden potters wheel for less than  $60. Easy to build and use. Hours of fun for kids and adults. This is a "kick" type wheel and is muscle powered for safe use. Really fun for kids.


RF Calculator© is a windows based Electronic and RF Test Calculator for general Electronic and RF Test calculations and much more. We are offering early release copies now. The product has a lot of functions and features at this time. We intend to add more very soon and early purchasers will be updated by email for free and for cost by CD and mail. Be a part of the advanced development and make suggestions for what you would like to see added.


Don't care for Paypal or EBay, feel free to contact us direct at Sunshine Design to arrange to send Money Order or Cashiers Check.


Note about recent price increases: We had to increase the price of our software products slightly due to the significant increase in prices at EBay and our other services. The New Product Promotions in "Sky and Telescope" and "Astronomy" magazines do not reflect this recent price increase due to the long lead time in getting to press. We are sorry for any inconvenience for this and hope you understand. It is still a great set of products at a low price.


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