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Electrical              Hardware              Thermal                Software for Test and Data Automation Services    Application Development


Design, construction and Prove-in of Test Hardware and Software\

            Bench or Rack ATE    Special Fixturing, Temperature Environmental etc.

            Specializing in RF/Microwave Test Systems.

            Expert in automation of Agilent PSA, MXA, PNA, VSA, Oscilloscopes, and many others.

            Let me help you with my test design and automation services and solutions.


We assist the design and construction of interface, signal processing and device control functions to build custom interfaces for the test task.

Acad or Viseo for hardware and electrical system block diagrams

Orcad or Altium Schematic Capture for PWBs

Design management services, fabrication, assembly and verification.

Need a Test Interface or an instrument driver. We custom design and build.


We design or assist in software designs for the Test Automation task.

We follow the customers lead in strategy and need

We can advise design for enterprise test and data strategy if desired.

Fill the need for Production or Engineering Special Test Tools.

Ready with a test shell and requirement specification and system design methods, if necessary.  

Visual Basic and Labview development environments

Want a custom application, field calculator or other computational tool? We are ready to fill the need.


We design, setup and provide tools for hardware interface and management of Test Data Management Services. 

Systems and documentation are customer adaptable to needs and interfaces.


SQL Server 2012 Administration, Programming and Interfacing Services including Express edition

Setup, Administration and Client/Server Application Design and development.

Report Generation , Data Management, Data Analysis

Business Interfaces for Production Test Links and Services.


Design standards for hardware, electrical and software and system design documentation.

Photography , Image Processing, Product Development, Technical Drawings Documents and more

Author of RFCalculator, AstroCalculator, OptiCalculator and S-Parameter Library




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Joseph Cahak  

Resume and references available on request.


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