Planar Sundial


The Planar Sundial will calculate any plane surface sun shadow for any angle of gnomonic declination, angle to zenith, any longitude, latitude and for any time of year. Also shown is the equation of time and longitude correction factors.


Polar format output


Rectangular format output



Equation of Time Plots


Sundial Examples


Annual Analemma - true sun shadow for year and hours


Graphics Examples courtesy Dover Books

False Analemma (only angle is preserved not outline.


Graphics Examples courtesy Dover Books

True Analemma offsets for angle preservation




Graphics Examples courtesy Dover Books

Cube surface sundial


Graphics Examples courtesy Dover Books

Analemma Sundial Example


Graphics Examples courtesy Dover Books

Another many surface Sundial Example




My First Pocket Sundial

I used a nice piece of interesting Oak I had from pallets. After planning and dimensioning I next scanned the images and printed on tracing paper (vellum) and used Elmers Wood Glue to attach and then clear acrylic sprayed the inside face. I "Golden oak" stained the outside after sanding and beveling the outside. Then coated with the same clear acrylic spray.




Second cut at it. I made a set for my brothers. Very unusual wood patters.



My AstroCompass

got this beauty at garage sale for $15. Worth $300



The box has since been refurnished and looks all new.

I'll have to get this updates.


AstroCompass Manual - PGE's site with a manual for the AstroCompass