S-Parameter Library by Sunshine Design Engineering Services


This library includs a LLB library for Labview versions 8.6, 2011 SP1 and 2012. Also included is a DLL and all associated files to the library for use in all other programs languages. You can download and read the Scattered Thoughts on Scattering Parameters or the S-Parameter Library manual to read more about S-Parameters and the Library. This library includes function for format and unit conversions, De-Embedding and Embedding and S-Parameter Re-Normalization to Arbitrary Impedances and some Network transforms.

This will add measurement capability to your older Vector Network Analyzer as well as some newer analyzers (NI-PXIVNA for instance).


Scattered Thoughts on Scattering Parameters - Introduction


Scattered Thoughts on Scattering Parameters - Measurements


Scattered Thoughts on Scattering Parameters - Computations


Manual for the S-Parameter Library



S-Parameter Library Suite

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