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Update policy

To date all purchasers of older versions of our other programs have been updated to the latest shipping release by email for free and by post with CD for our cost and a S/H charge. We are  committed to making a quality product and fixing any issues that are found.


We have striven to make this product as error free as possible and as the occasional issue is found and fixed we have updated all for free to date. This is not an acknowledgement of liability for any use of this product, nor a guarantee of absolute accuracy. It is after all, a product at low cost for amateurs and professionals alike. We are working to constantly add to and improve it. As with my AstroCalculator product, all early purchasers have been kept up to date as significant new releases come out. That is my way of thanking them for the confidence in purchasing and for giving feedback to help build the product. With a great update policy like this, I don't know ANYONE else offering it, why wait to purchase.


Bug report

NO bugs to not so far.

Unfinished areas Complex and Magnetics. Still working to check and add features. Have any favorites?

Yet to be added VNA, S-parameter, Noise Figure Error and more


Revisions History for RFCalculator v1.1

Update v1.15

Initial release of product.


Future Direction 

I am still building functions and features. The development direction is to add the above noted functions, bug fix and error trap additions, add  additional documentation and be more informative about functions and usage.


We are looking for inputs for future direct and would like to hear from our users what they would like to see the product do.


Looking for other suggestions. Have any? Email Me.