RFCalculator v 1.18 by Sunshine Design Engineering Services

Electronics, RF Test Calculator for Windows

This windows calculator is a full-featured RF and Electronics computation tool. It allows the operator to perform general electronics, RF and RF Test calculations for design and analysis. Reasonably priced for all amateurs to afford, yet has feature for professional Test Engineers for System and System Error Analysis. If you are interested in the calculations, but just want to perform them and not program them, this is the program for you. Go thru the home page to see more about the product.


Windows 10 install and compatability is now tested.

When installing in Windows 10 go to setup.exe file and right click to get to compatability and set to windows 7 compatable. After install do the same with the RF_Calc.exe file in the \RF_Calc subdirectory of install.


Purchase Agreement and Software Use License

All copies are licensed for use by purchasing and registering. Licensed per user; not per machine. You have rights to use on multiple owned computers with one copy running per user. To date we have updated the product to registered users for free by email and cost & S/H for CD postal.

So don't wait to purchase for the latest copy, we'll see that you get updates as they are released.


No Software Trials.

It's a fair product at a fair price and you help guarantee updates, corrections and upgrades for the amateur community by purchasing.

Please, if you haven't already done so, help support inexpensive calculation tools for amateurs and buy your copy today.

We are not giving demo copies. The trial policy is for copies from others i.e. bootlegging.

If you expect any questions answered, problems fixed or free updates, it's a small price to pay.


RFCalculator v1.18

US Sales and International Sales: $37.95 and $1.00 S&H

   sent via email to save money



Also check out S-Parameter Library. This is a full function S-Parameter library in Labview, LLB and DLL format.\

It comprises a set of S-Parameter functions to help with S-Parameter measurements for De-Embedding, Embedding,

Arbitrary Impedance conversion of S-Parameters and more.


Coming soon: power and Noise Library. This will be another modestly priced function set for Noise and Power measurements.