PnaCaptureŠ by Sunshine Design Engineering Services


Windows GPIB Test Automation tool for the Agilent VNA - PNA series

This program is a test automation tool for the Agilent PNA model Vector Network Analyzer. It connects GPIB and controls the testing, specification and report generation using excel worksheets for the ultimate in data accessibility. It also saves the data in ASCII delimited, S2P, SQL Server, SQL Server Express or Access data basing for the ultimate in flexibility. Uses the National Instrument GPIB Instrument Interface Buss Adapter. All these features for a low price. Available now.


Custom programming services available on call.


Purchase Agreement and Software Use License

All copies are licensed for use by purchasing and registering. Licensed per machine.  We update the product to registered users for free by email. 


PnaCapture v1.1

US and International Sales $195.00 and $1.00 S&H

We send electronically via email. 

Use with National Instrument GPIB interface.