Basic Telescope


This function set includes the most important for figuring telescope optics for imaging purposes. The user main inputs can be set in the *.ini file by the user to set the defaults. I expect that usually you will be working one main telescope.  The dark bold values are the calculation inputs and are defaulted to INI values. The user can change the inputs of these embolden values to try other values and settings. 


The eyepieces can be selected either by inputting with the text box, or if the check box for eyepieces is selected then by a pull down combo box selection from INI file inputs for the user input eyepiece collection. The user can also select if the Barlow is selected or not and also the Reducer “Field flattener”.  If the user changes the Exposure time, it will compute the new inputs for the telescope imaging gathering capabilities. If the user selects another imaging tool whether Camera or CCD imager, the computations will determine the Field of View (FOV) for the system detector and the resolution of each pixel (neglecting the pixel true size from cell size).

Also calculated are some of the limits for the telescope like the Rayleigh Limit in Visual and Photographic and Visual limits and the Dawes limit. All given in arc sec of units for separated object resolution. In addition the Visual and Photographic magnitude limits and an approximate exposure based on the Aperture and f/ ratio.


Press “Calculate” to compute, “Reset” to reset and clear back to initial state from INI settings. “Clear” will clear all the variables.