CCD Imaging

This section is for performing the CCD image calculations. It will use Telescope inputs from the Basic Telescope tab screen and the characteristics of the CCD image device to calculate the CCD Area, Area Mega-Pixels or bits of Image, the x & y Field Of View FOV, and x & y Resolution per pixel. To run this screen, go to the “Basic Telescope” screen and figure your telescope characteristics. Then come back to this page and select the Image Device in the pull down text box. This uses the AstroCalc.Ini file inputs for the list of your devices to select from for the imager inputs.


[Image Planes]

   ImagePlane = Canon 10D, 35mm, SAC7, QC4000, ProEx

   XSize      =   22.7,     36,    7,      7,     7

   YSize      =   15.1,     24,    5,      5,     5

   XPixel     =   3152,    3200,  640,    640,   640   

   YPixel     =   2068,    2400,  480,    480,   480 


Adding and/or selecting the information about the file type and binning and the JPG compression will give a approximation of file size of the image file. The user can either run the Basic Telescope operation on Tab Screen Basic Telescope or you can hand enter the scope values. From this the Primary and Secondary Image Scale will be calculated. By selecting the check box for Primary/Secondary the user can determine which of the image scales are used to calculate the resolution. Press “Calculate” to compute or “Clear” to erase and try again.