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I hope you find my favorites link section useful and would like to invite you to take a look at my AstroCalculator, OptiCalculator and Binocular Mount Design Plans and other products at my main web page. These are two great computational tools for Astronomy and Astrophotography are getting great reviews. I designed them to serve the amateur community as a quality tool set at an affordable price. See now


AstroCalculator is a general Astronomy calculator for windows. It performs all manner of time, coordinate conversions and corrections and rising-setting and a planetary Ephemeris and more. 


OptiCalculator is a general Optical and Imaging calculator for Astrophotography use. It will perform the magnification, image size, exposure and CCD imager calculations to support Film and CCD Astrophotography work. 


Binocular Mount Design Plans is a full set of design plans to build your own fully articulated Binocular Mount to support your bigger binoculars for about $60. Don't pay $200-300 for one when you can build for much less and have the pride of making your own. The design works great for my 20x80mm 5.5lb binocular and can be scaled bigger and heavier duty for even larger binoculars.  


and more... Thanks for taking a look and hope you find my favorite links useful.


Astronomical League 

Astronomy Magazine, Star Charts, Space

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

NSSDC Photo Gallery

S&TSky Chart

Sky and Telescope - Publication Quality Sky Maps & Star Charts

SkyNews--The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy and Stargazing

SkyScapes Home Page  - Dennis Manamma's site

Michael Covington - Michael Covington "Astrophotography for the Amateur" author

SOHO images - News and information about space stuff

Universe Today - Space news from around the Internet


Author's RTMC 2003 Trip

Author's RTMC 2004 Trip



(FAQ) Astronomical Calculations for the Amateur

Approximate astronomical positions

Astro Computing - Astro Utilities Electronic Book

Astrolabe Astronomical subroutines and applications

Astronomical functions in Excel

Astronomy and numerical software source codes

Astronomy and Physics Software

Astronomy Formulas by James Q. Jacobs

Basic program position of the Sun

Astronomical functions in Excel

Astronomy and Physics Software

Astronomy Formulas by James Q. Jacobs

Astronomy Formulas for College Astrophysics Students

Astronomy Software

Astronomy Web Site Software Downloads

Background Coordinate systems and transformations

CelesTrak Orbital Coordinate Systems, Part III

FFTW Home Page


IDL Astronomy User's Library

JPL Solar System Dynamics

Latitude and Longitude

Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center Part IA-E - Calendar to Clocks

Object Coordinates and Phenomena Calculation



Celestaire, Inc. Astro Compass MK II

SolarSite w AstroCompass Pacific Gas and Electric Company


Astronomy-AstroLinks - astronomy and space website index from astronaut to x-ray

a s t r o n o m i c s . c o m [Lobby]

Amateur Astronomers Links Page

Amateur Astronomy Magazine

Amateur Telescope Making

American Assoc Amateur Astronomers

AmSkyAstronomy Starts Here - Astronomy Software & Freeware, Shareware etc

Brooke's Astronomy page

Brooke's Web Page

DI Mars - Your online resource for Mars

David Chandler Company Home Page

Homepage DD1US - Astronomy Download Page

Golden State Star Party

K3's Astronomy Home Page


STAR Astronomy - Telescope Making Links

The Astronomer Magazine

The Telson Spur Field Nodes -- Astronomy (5) Software

Helioseismic Holography -- Mapping the Far Side of the Sun

Homepage DD1US - Astronomy Download Page


SDSS SkyServer

Space Archive Cams View Earth, Sun and aurora in real-time

Spitzer Newsroom

Spitzer Space Telescope

Universe Today Forums - Astrophotography



Adorama - 35mm SLR Lenses


Astrophotography Calculator 2

Astrophotography Calculator



Auctionworks Storefront PC-Cameras

Calculations for Astrophotography

Creating Mosaics using Photoshop

Canon USA Consumer Products - EOS (SLR) Camera Systems

CCAS Useful Links - Astrophotography

Digital Camera Astrophotography Formulae

Digital Photography - The ASA Factor

digital vs. traditonal 2 of 30

DOF,Circle of Confusion and other Calculations

DSLR - AstroPages

Exposure - Let's Get it Right!

Exposure Get It Right The First Time - Part II


Fits Liberator - NASA-ESO

Focusing - Definitions and Formulas

FocusCamera Photographic, Digital Cameras, Video Cams, Film, Binoculars, CD & DVD Players

Focusing a CCD Camera

Focusing Theory - Starizona CCD Guide

Focusing Tips

GALLERY-Articles; Astrophotography...

Getting Digital Exposure Right

Golden State Star Party

Hutech Astronomical Products HomePage



Knife-Edge Focusing

Michael Covington - "Astrophotography for the Amateur" author

MicroGlobe (UK Photography company)

OPT - Astronomy Telescopes, Accessories, CCD and Digital Cameras

OpTaliX Optical Design Software

Photo Source File Downloads

Photographing the Moon

Photographing fluorescent minerals

Resource Central - Photography Resources

Russell Croman Astrophotography

SkyScapes Home Page

Stellar Technologies International

Technical and Shooting Information

Ultimate Exposure Computer

What is a close-up filter

Winchester Electronics -- CCD Imaging Calculator



April 2003 Aurora Gallery

Atmospheric Optics

Atmospheric phenomena

Borealis 2000 - Northern Lights Gallery and Spaceweather News

Northern Exposures Photo Gallery

Aurora Borealis Page

Aurora Sentry

Borealis 2000 - Northern Lights Gallery and Spaceweather News

Frank S. Andreassen - Nettfoto

Lunar Pillar

Northern Exposures Photo Gallery

Steve's Atmospherics Page



Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird

Around Physics and Astronomy



Astronomy Telescopes, Accessories, CCD and Digital Cameras Advertising

B&H Telescopes & Accessories Department

Basic program position of the Sun

Dan's Astronomy Software Collection

Dan's Home Page

NASA Astronomical Data Center Home page


Oceanside Photo and Telescope (OPT)- Telescopes, Eyepieces, CCD Cameras and Telescope Accessories from top manufacturers like Meade, Celestron, Tele Vue, SBIG, Coronado Instruments and many more.


SPACE-TALK - Jean Meeus formulae


Telescopes and Telescope Accessories at - World's Largest Selection of Telescopes

Welcome to Meade Instruments Corporation!


Astronomy-CCD Stuff

2.3.1 CCD Chips

Al Kelly's CCD Astrophotography Page


Astroart - Image processing software


Astronomie Amateur - AstroSurf

astronomyLINKS™ - astrophotography - CCD - astronomy and space directory, links, booksmarks and


Audine Table of Contents

Bob's LX200 Web Page

Capture software

CAPTURE-P from JDR Microdevices

CAPTURE-U from JDR Microdevices

ccd - WilmannBell

CCD Astro Calculation

CCD Imaging and Astrophotography Page, Halfmoon Observatory

CCD Process - DALSA Semiconductor

Cookbook Camera Home Page

Creative Labs

Digital Camera Astrophotography Tips and Techniques

Digital Cameras - Unbiased reviews, prices and advice from Digital Camera HQ

Download Port I-O

Equipment for CCD-astrophotography

Finger Lakes Instrumentation

Genesis CCD cookbook astronomy camera

Iris software

Jack Reed's Home Page

Jack Reed's Web cam Mods

K3's Astronomy Home Page

Long exposure modified webcams

Long-exposure Webcam

Modification of a QC Pro 3000

New CCD Astronomy Home Page

PC To Video Cable USB GrandTec GEZ-1000 at


Philips Semiconductors - Search results [1-50] for ccd



Quickcam Pro 3000 Long Exposure Modification




SBIG Santa Barbara Instrument Group

ScopeTronix Quality Astronomy Products

Simple CCD Camera Project

Spectroscopy, CCD and Astronomy

Supercircuits, Inc.

The Astronomy Webcam Paradise and 3D-Imaging

The Audine Project

The M.R.C Home Page

The Role of CCD Cameras in Amateur Astronomy

Welcome to my Astro Pages

X10 Hot deals

X10-NightWatch2 Low Light Camera!

X10-Ninja Robotic Camera Mount!

X10-PC Video-USB Adapter Kit




Galaxy Formation

GCO NGC Archive

The Galaxy Catalog - Images

The Web Nebulae



AMS Current Meteor Outlook

AMS Meteor Showers page




2MASS Atlas Image Gallery

Anglo-Australian Observatory Astronomical Images

Asteroids and Comets

Astronomical League.


Chandra X-ray Observatory Center - Gateway to the universe of x-ray astronomy!

Chandra X-ray Observatory News - the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center site for the latest Chan

CICLOPS Imaging Diary Jupiter

Columbia University Astronomy and Astrophysics Tools Page

Dep't of Astronomy & Astrophysics Main Page

ESA Hubble Information Centre


HST Images by Subject


ISS Astrophotography

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JPL - Recent News and Observations


Madison Astronomical Society

NASA - Exploring the Invisible Universe Chandra X-ray Observatory

NASA Astronomical Data Center Home page

NOAA Home Page

NOAA Solar Position Calculator

NSSDC Photo Gallery

Phoenix Astronomical Society's Link Page

Planetary Science Research Discoveries PSRD

RTMC Astronomy Expo - Registration


Space Today Online - SIRTF - the Space Infrared Telescope Facility

Spitzer Space Telescope

Tech Museum The Satellite Site!

Univ Washington Astronomy Tools Page

USNO Astronomical Applications Department



An Indoor Annalemma - Robert Terwilliger


British Sundial Society Home Page

Precision Sundials LLC Home Page

Sundials - computer programs for calculations

Sunlit Design Understanding and Designing Sundials

The Dialist's Companion - Overview

The North American Sundial Society - Sundials

Astronomy Magazine, Star Charts, Space

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

S&T Sky Chart

Sky and Telescope - This Week’s Skybrat a Glance - Publication Quality Sky Maps & Star Charts

SkyNews--The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy and Stargazing

SkyScapes Home Page

SOHO images -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-

Stars Galore




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eBay Services International Trading

Electronic Sales and Use Tax

Fidelity Investments

Free Traffic Secrets - Google Optimization Guide - 37 page book

Free Web Site Submission

Go Daddy Software Low cost domain name registration and domain transfers.

Morgan Stanley - Site Map

OCR software from I.R.I.S.

Office Depot

PayPal - Welcome - Discount Computer Parts Store

Staples Search Results

SUBMIT EXPRESS search engine optimization free url submission ranking

Wall Street Journal Money & Investing

Widexl - We developing quality CGI scripts for on the internet



ABC News and Entertainment Home

Bill's Official Home On The Web

BBC News Front Page


CNBC Dow Jones Business Video



Free Republic latest articles

Fox News

Jerry Schad's Roam-O-Rama

KKSF 103.7 - Smooth Jazz

Los Angeles Times


National Geographic Maps and Geography-atlases, GPS, games

National Geographic Online (maps, photography, travel, more)

New York Times

North County Times

Ramona Sentinel

Rhinelander Daily News - Swimsuit Collection

Tech News -



Wall Street Journal



Warren Miller Entertainment



Please visit RF Cafe - Your one-stop online resource for RF, microwave and wireless engineering, with a bit of entertainment thrown in to break the standard routine.

A Collection of Smith Chart Resources

Acopian Power Supplies (AC-DC Power Supplies and DC-DC Power Supplies)

agilent rf software - welcome to agilent rf software

Allied Electronics - Specializing in Electronic Components and Equipment Distribution.

Amateur Radio on the INTERNET

Amateur Radio Resources

Analog Devices Home

ARRLWeb ARRL Home Page

Chipworks Semiconductor Reverse Engineering for Competitive Analysis and Patent Support

Chris Trask Wideband Transformer References

ComputerHardwareCentral - Your source for in-depth computer hardware info.

CQ Home page

Digi-Key Corporation - USA Home Page

EDN - Multilayer capacitor doubles as varactor - 3-20-2003 - EDN - CA282637 Home - Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) Community Site

Electronic Design - Emerging Technologies for Design Solutions


Electronics and Amateur Radio Links

EMCOR Standard Enclosures


Ham Radio Page

HP-41 Archive Library

Hutchison Effect - American Antigravity

Index of -resources-rf_microwave_resources-sections-

Java Calculators

JavaScript Collection

Linear Technology

Mouser Electronics - Electronic Component Distributor

National Semiconductor

Newark InOne - Electronic Component Distributor - USA Homepage - Discount Computer Parts Super Store

Protek Test Equipment


RF Avenue - Microstrip & Stripline Filters and Tools -- Microwave Filter Design Software, Books, Book Reviews, ...

RF Avenue - Transmission Line Theory, Equations, Design -- Stripline-Microstrip Impedance Calculator, Books, Book Reviews, ...

rf directional coupler

S.Lott-Professional-Java-Ham Calculator

Software for amateurs

Software Page

SR3BWX - Interesting and useful Internet-sites

Texas Instruments

The Engineers' Club Online Service - Engineering Calculators

TI Semiconductors Analog DSP Digital Signal Processing Power Management Data A-D Converter Analog to Digital a d a Converters



About iLanga

All American Sunrooms and Patio Room - Sunrooms and Patio Rooms at wholesale prices

American Patio

American Sun Room and Patio Rooms - Sun Rooms and Patio Room Additions at Discounted Prices

DayStar Technologies, Inc. Home Page

Design News for Mechanical and Design Engineers Homepage

Industrial Metal Supply

Level Developments Ltd, spirit level and vial manufacturer based in London

P. R. E. Tubular and Circular Spirit Level Vials

Powerlight Solar Electric Systems

SunPorch Appreciate the Features of our Sunroom-Screenroom

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Home of the Underdogs



Parks and Recreation San Diego County list of parks

California State Board of Equalization

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County of San Diego

FranchiseTaxBoard - Starting Your Busines

IRS - Forms and Publications

Library of Congress

National Institute of Standards and Technology

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

State of California

THOMAS (US Congress)

Welcome to California

White House




Bert Hickman's TeslaMania Web Site - Tesla Coils, Lichtenberg

Figures, and Quarter Shrinkers!

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Orchard Supply Hardware - Home

search the web

Stanley Works

The Home Depot


Woodcraft - woodworking tools and supplies

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Woodworkers World Store Front

Woodworking Hardware Supplies

Woodworking News Woodworking Plans, Tools, Tips, and Resources for Everyone

Woodworking Supplies - Tools, Lumber, Hardware, Plans, Books

Woodworking Supplies - WoodiT.Com

Woodworking Supplies, Hardware, Tools, Plans, Finishing -

Woodworking Supplies, Tools, Hardware, Plans, Collectibles, Gifts - Craft

Woodworking tools - Your Woodworking Start Page Woodworking Home Page




Dice - Job search for Technology Professionals

DirectEmployers Employment Search Engine

Monster - Search Jobs

MSN Careers - Home


Yahoo! HotJobs

Contract RF Engineers - Job Search

Wireless Jobs Semiconductor Jobs Wireless Career Site



Alexa Web Search


AOL Web Search

Babieca Search

Customize Links

Dogpile Web Search Home Page








Scirus - for scientific information

Windows Media






Capitol Records

CNET Today - Technology News

CNN Videoselect




Don Johnson's Official Website

ESPN Sports

Fox Sports

Hollywood Online

Internet Radio Guide

Jim Croce

KKSF 103.7 - Smooth Jazz

MI-5 Episode Guide Overview


NBC VideoSeeker

Radio Station Guide

San Jose Mercury Center

TV Guide Entertainment Network

Universal Studios Online

Warner Bros. Hip Clips

Web Events

What's On Now

Windows Media Showcase


RealPlayer Live Stations














Beadcenter - Kingsley North

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals Photo Gallery by Lewis Hall at

DENR-Mines and Geosciences Bureau



LA - Natural History Museum

Lapidary, Gem, Mineral, Fossil, Meteorite and Jewelry Dealer Directory

Maps of Recent Earthquake Activity in California-Nevada

Michigan Tech - A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum

Mineralogical Society of America - Mineralogy, Petrology and Crystallography

Mineralogy Database

Minerals and Mineral Collecting --

Minerals, Gems, and Fossils

Mineral and gemstone kingdom home

Mineralogy Database - Minerals, Locations, Mineral Collecting, Photos and Information

Mining Philippines - CountryMine

National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum - Leadville, Colorado, minerals, gems, history

Natural Gemstones - USGS

NC Museum of Natural Sciences - Exhibits Special Exhibits Gallery

Oregon Geology - Gems and Minerals

Pala International

Panoro Minerals Ltd. - Maps & Photos - Sat Mar 19, 2005

PI - National Museum


Taal Volcano, Philippines

PI Mines and Geosciences Bureau

Rock & Gem -- Current Issue

Rock Collecting. Photos Of Arizona, New Mexico, Southwest USA. Arkansas Quartz Crystals On LED Light Stands For Sale, News, Roc

Rock Hunting

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian NMNH Research & Collections Home Page

Texas Memorial Museum Research & Collections

United States Geological Survey

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program National Earthquake Information Center

USGS Minerals Information Asia and the Pacific

WWW.MII.ORG - Free K-12 teachers resources, lesson plans, geology & minerals.



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Converters -- Game Programming Resources and Links

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LVR-Serial Links using RS-232 and RS-485

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Numerical methods

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Table of Contents

The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page

The New Netlib

USB_Video - David Fischer's Java Programming Examples Capture Video from Logitech QuickCam Pro

Visual Studio Magazine

Welcome to MSN

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Win NT-2000-XP Driver for DeVaSys USBLPTPD11(D) USB Development Boards



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Illuminati Home Page


National Lampoon's Democracy Inaction

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The Illuminati

The Smoking Gun



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The American Institute of Physics -- Physics Publications and Resources

American Science & Surplus Incredible Stuff at Unbelievable Prices

Edmund Scientific Homepage

Edmund Scientifics Online

Eric's Slide Rule Site



Meteorology Guide the online guides

NASA Homepage

Nasa scientific and technical information

National Hurricane Center - Tropical Prediction Center

Nature science journals home

New Scientist

Physics Today Online

Planetary Exploration Page

Popular Science - Home


ScienceDaily Magazine

Scientific American


Spaceflight Now

Technology Front Page

Technology Research News


Wired News




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NIST - Radio-Frequency Technology Division

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