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Including OptiCalculator and SunDial Calculator


Update policy

To date all purchasers of older versions have been updated to the latest shipping release by email for free and by post with CD for our cost and a S/H charge. We are  committed to making a quality product and fixing any issues that are found.


We have striven to make this product as error free as possible and as the occasional issue is found and fixed we have updated all for free to date. This is not an acknowledgement of liability for any use of this product, nor a guarantee of absolute accuracy. It is after all a product at low cost for amateurs. But we do work to constantly add to and improve it. We recently released version 1.42. This version 1.42 will be the last free upgrade version to complete the development of the original concept. I will only update for free after this release as errors are found and corrected. With a great update policy like this, I don't know ANYONE else offering it, why wait to purchase.


Bug report

I discovered a very minor bug that effects the "Help" button on all products. The fix is very simple. In the respective INI file (i.e. SunDial.INI, AstroCalc.INI or OptiCalc.INI), go to the "Help File" section at the bottom of the file. Change the section header from [Help File] to just [Help]. This fixes the problem. I will have this issue addressed on all new CD burns, but it will exist until the current run of CD's is used up and I burn a new run. If installing using standard installation and you have a standard installation of Adobe 5 reader (provided with installation CD) then you will not notice the problem. Actually no one has reported it. I happen to come across it by accident. I did check for this when release testing, but due to the default conditions described, I failed to notice if other than default. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Revisions History for AstroCalculator v1.42

Update v1.2

   bug fixes

   year decimal <>MM/DD/YYYY 12:23:34 conversions


Updates v1.3

   was for internationalization of numeric and time formats and the time zone and longitude definitions.


A part of the internationalization of the time zones was the addition of the Time Zone Offset to help the parts of the world that have time zones that are 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75 of the hour from the standard hours to Greenwich Time. Longitude is now West  negative (-) and east is positive (+).


The numeric entry fix was for European format of 0,1234E-5 vs 0.1234E-5


The Time format fix was for European format 09/05/2003 07.23.34,123

                                                    US format 09/05/2003 07:23:34.123

Update 1.32

To correct atn() to angle issue with some calculations.


Latest News on formatting

For European time and numeric format issues. Go "Control Panel, Regional Settings" and set the format to US std for program operation. We do hope to fix this someday. Just not able to get the time today. This solution provides a stop gap solution for now.


Revisions History for Sundial Calculator v 1.32

version 1.32 was cut from AstroCalculator at version 1.32. There have been a couple of things updated in AstroCalculator that when I get a chance will update on this and send by email to all. No time frame yet to work this. All minor modifications mostly cosmetic.


Revisions History for OptiCalculator 1.1

New version released last fall. No updates currently planned.




Future Direction 

Now that I have all the functions and features I initially wanted to have and a couple more, the next direction is to work the accuracy of the ephemeris to make it even more accurate. The only known significant issue to date is mercury ephemeris is off. The rest checked out within reasonable tolerance for amateur use.


We are looking for inputs for future direct and would like to hear from our users what they would like to see the product do.


Looking for other suggestions. Have any? Email Me.